Sell Your Antiques

How do you get the highest prices when you sell your antiques? is committed to getting you THE highest prices for your antiques when it's time to sell. We scour the marketplace daily to bring you the best buyers. Read that - the buyers that pay the highest prices for your antiques.

The dilemma is often local vs. national buyers. How do you work with the national antique buyers?

Do they pay more? What about the local guys? The guys on Craigslist or in your local newspaper?

Who is the best person to fairly evaluate it, often a piece with sentimental value, and give you
the best price?

We can tell you now that just a few years back packing something up and sending it off to a far away place would have been something none of us would have considered. But today companies like and have made it legitimate to send a fully insured package to them and to expect a check quickly and safely.

Which pretty much gives us the answer to local vs national antiques buyers. Unless your piece is something like valuable art or furniture worth over $2,000 or something small enough, like jewelry or a watch that you can ship easily, it might be best to shop the local buyers. Always get two or three opinions because antiques and and antiques buyers can vary widely in price.

Antique dealers need to make a mark up on the cash price they give you. Always remember that. They are there for a quick sale. But selling an antique and trying to find a person who will "pay you what you think it's worth" may take months - even a year or more. Heck the antique dealer could end up holding it in inventory for months or years. You need to weight these facts when parting with your antiques.

You have to ask yourself: Do you have time and money to advertise and meet tons of people to get the highest and best price for my treasured antique? That is often the question that leads us to our local antiques buyer

.We hope that helped and best of luck (and highest prices) selling your antiques.

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